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Time Management For Teachers

This is my most popular course. It's been sold around the world since 2016 and continues to get five star reviews from teachers in the UK, Australia, India, US, Croatia, France and Australia and more.

This course will teach you how to organise your workload better and to utilise your time more effectively.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Prioritise effectively to focus on key issues
  • Speak to people clearly, quickly and in the way they want to hear.
  • Schedule priorities effectively
  • Approach overwhelmingly large tasks in a way that makes them manageable
  • Ensure that you never lose another piece of paper again – ever!
  • Learn how to have an empty email inbox – every day!
  • Speed up your work so that you create a better work life balance
  • Use a simple and elegant model of communication that will help you to convey anything you need to tell or ask others
  • Work out when best to tackle creative work and when to do the low level maintenance
  • Think about time differently so that you have a more positive approach to your workload
  • Recognise how to work according to the urgency and importance of a situation
  • Learn how to always have a tidy desk
  • Immediately diagnose deal with time-wasters
  • Know immediately what to do with those 'soon but not quite now' tasks
  • Avoid time slipping by without you noticing
  • Identify the severity of your paperwork problems
  • Overcome the addiction to urgency that interferes with real effectiveness
  • Finesse your to do lists so that they really work for you
  • Conquer procrastination and the accompanying guilt and panic with a surefire method of
  • Harness the power of delayed gratification to ensure each day ends on a high note
  • Collate and centralise the different tasks from all areas so that they are organised and close to hand
  • Consider every hour you own and how you can best use them
  • Reflect on how well you use your time to empower yourself and ensure wellbeing is a priority
  • Understand the purpose of email, why it swamps your life and how to deal with it effectively

What People Are Saying:

Great course. Appropriate for all ages and experiences. Good pace. Relaxed format.

Matt Nott, Deputy Head

I really liked the idea about eating frogs.

Julie Newton, SBM