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In Person Training

Iain delivers impactful training on a range of topics:

Effective Delegation: Learn the art of delegation to enhance management efficiency and productivity.

Time Management: Discover strategies to balance responsibilities and improve work-life balance. 

Leadership Development: Foster leadership qualities that inspire and motivate your team.

Wellbeing and Resilience: Equip your staff with tools to manage pressure, reduce stress and build resilience.

Communication Skills: Improve interactions with colleagues, clients, suppliers, students and parents through advanced communication techniques.

Personal Development: Encourage continuous personal and professional growth for your teams.

Dealing With Difficult People / Clients / Parents: Learn how to manage and diffuse encounters with the difficult people in your industry.

Giving Presentations: Enhance your public speaking skills to deliver impactful and engaging presentations with confidence.

Team Dynamics: Improve collaboration and productivity by understanding and optimising team interactions and relationships.

Introduction to Cold Calling: Master the techniques of effective cold calling to boost sales and connect with potential clients.

Working From Home: Learn strategies for maintaining productivity, work-life balance, and effective communication while working remotely.

DISC Personality Profiling: Gain insights into personality types to improve communication, teamwork, and personal effectiveness.

With over 15 years of experience in leadership development, communication skills, and personal growth, Iain has dedicated his career to empowering leaders and improving their teams across a wide range of organisations.

His engaging and impactful workshops are tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals in a wide variety of industries.

"There's a lightbulb moment in every session!" - Pat Bridges, Business Owner

"Thank you very much for an enjoyable, thought-provoking yet practical training." - Sarah Hair, Headteacher

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